IMPLEXX-SF Sap Flow Excel Workbook.


The IMPLEXX-SF Sap Flow Excel Workbook is a quick and easy file that converts raw temperature data from the Implexx Sap Flow Sensor to corrected heat velocity, sap flux density and total sap flow.


Step 1:

The Sap Flow Excel Workbook is freely available to all users who have purchased an Implexx Sap Flow Sensor. Using the form below, contact Implexx Sense for the latest version of the Sap Flow Excel Workbook.


Please provide the invoice number for the Implexx Sap Flow Sensor, along with the place where you purchased it.


Step 2:

Unlock macro protection on the Excel Workbook. It is important that macros are enabled for the proper functioning of the Sap Flow Excel Workbook. To unlock the macros, follow these steps:


  • Right click on the file.
  • Click on Properties.
  • At the bottom of the General tab, there is an option labelled Security. Check the box labelled Unblock and then click Apply.



Step 3:

Watch the instructional YouTube video on how to use the IMPLEXX-SF Sap Flow Excel Workbook:



Step 4:

Import your data and begin your analysis.


Do not hesitate to contact Implexx Sense if you need further assistance.


Further Information