About Us.

Implexx creates, designs and manufactures digital sensors for the internet age. Our range of products have been built specifically to meet the demands of modern, internet-driven environmental monitoring: low cost, low power, but high quality digital sensors.

Our sensors are used by scientists, engineers, hydrologists, and growers across many industries including horticulture, agriculture, scientific research, urban landscape management, and heavy industries such as mining and landfills.

Our sensors are deployed in many applications in including plant water use, plant physiology, irrigation, hydraulic redistribution, ecohydrology, hydrological modelling, tree response to climate change, urban tree and water management, phytoremediation, and mine site and landfill (phytocap) monitoring.

Implexx sensors are currently being used by customers and clients all around the world including University of California (USA), US Geological Survey (USGS), Biosphere 2 University of Arizona (USA), Western Sydney University (Australia), NSW Department of Primary Industries (Australia), Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), Lanzhou University (China), University of Tokyo (Japan), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, University of Goettingen (Germany), CIRAD (France), Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland), University of Chile (Chile),  São Paulo State University (Brazil), and many more.

Implexx is located in the Bayside region of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Our team consists of scientists and engineers, with decades of experience from Australia's leading university and government agencies.

Implexx does not deal with customers and clients directly, Rather, Implexx has an international network of dealers and distributors that can provide timely, reliable and quality support on the ground. See our Dealers page or contact us for your local representative.