Becoming a Dealer

Implexx operates via an international network of accredited dealers and agents. We are always interested to hear from companies that want to support high quality digital environmental sensors.

To become an accredited dealer, you must meet some basic selection criteria including:

  1. Having attended a training and instruction course on the use of Implexx products.
  2. Demonstrated experience supporting advanced scientific sensors.
  3. A legal business structure for your jurisdiction.
  4. Current insurance policies such as public and product liability insurance.

To be considered as an accredited dealer, email us with extensive details including:

  1. Your complete contact details including name, website and contact details.
  2. Your experience with scientific sensors and educational background.
  3. How you intend to promote and support the Implexx range of products.
  4. Examples of clients and completed projects.


What does Implexx Provide to Accredited Dealers?

Implexx offers a considerable price discount on our range of products. We also provide quick and comprehensive support for you and any questions your clients may have. We may also provide assistance with integrating our sensors into your existing products or systems.

Implexx also provides ongoing training and education for our accredited dealers. We provide articles, application notes and videos to improve your knowledge of the science behind our products so you can provide intelligent solutions to your clients. Implexx will keep you up to date with any changes or developments in methods, standards or applications relevant to our range of products.