Webinar: Irrigation Forecasting.


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  • When: Thursday, 17th June, 8am EST
  • Description: How much water does your crop need today, tomorrow, next week or in 14 days? Irrigation forecasting estimates your crop's water requirements. But, forecasting crop water use has been extremely difficult. The Implexx Crop Water Use Forecast is a simple, easy to use estimate of your crop's water needs for the next 14 days. In this webinar, Dr Michael Forster from Implexx Sense, explains irrigation forecasting, how your crop water requirements can be estimated, and how proactive irrigation management can save costs and improve efficiency.



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Irrigation Forecasting with the Implexx Crop Water Use Forecast

Currently, irrigation management decisions are based on what occurred in the past. Such information can be several days old and no longer reflect the true water requirements of the crop. The adage "the horse has bolted" certainly applies to this approach to irrigation management.

Proactive irrigation management looks to the future water requirements of crops and makes irrigation decisions accordingly. Proactive irrigation requires reliable estimates, or forecasts, of future crop water use.

The Implexx Crop Water Use Forecast provides an estimate of future events. A forecast of possible crop water requirements allows irrigation management to be on the front foot and proactive on decision making. Rather than reacting to past events that are several days old, the Implexx Crop Water Use Forecast allows proactive, forward thinking decision making.

Dr. Michael Forster has spent over 12 years delving into all aspects of crop water use. In this 30-minute webinar, Dr Forster will explain:

  • Irrigation forecasting and proactive irrigation management
  • What is crop water use and how it can be estimated
  • The Implexx Crop Water Use Forecast and how this can be applied to your crops


About the Speaker
Dr. Michael Forster is the Director of the scientific equipment companies Edaphic Scientific and Implexx Sense. Dr Forster is also an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Griffith University, Australia, and has over 20 years of research experience and numerous publications in international peer-reviewed journals including Tree Physiology, Annals of Botany, Ecology and Evolution, and more. Dr. Forster’s current research focuses on plant water relations including the relationship between sap flow and evapotranspiration. Research collaborators include University of Florida, Georgia State University, Chinese Academy of Science, University of Adelaide, NSW Department of Primary Industries, and Griffith University.


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  • When: Thursday, 17th June, 8 am EST


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